Cretaceous Creatures

is a new public science project that offers middle school students across North Carolina and beyond with the opportunity to make their own fossil discoveries.

Designed for 8th grade science teachers and students, Cretaceous Creatures participants get to do real science with real fossils. Students will sort through 67 million-year-old sediment from the Hell Creek Formation in Montana where the Dueling Dinosaurs were found. Along the way, they will discover and identify microfossils of ancient animals that lived alongside some of the world’s most iconic dinosaurs.

As part of Cretaceous Creatures, students will…


that scientists have diverse backgrounds and careers, and they can be one too 


be the first to discover real fossils and maybe even find the remains of new species


how our world is similar to and different from the world of T. rex and Triceratops

Cretaceous Creatures is made possible through a generous donation from The Bank of America Charitable Foundation to The Friends of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences as our Dueling Dinosaurs Worldwide Education Sponsor.